Proxenta office

Napísal: Vlado01.02.2021

When you make the interior of offices, it is first and foremost actually get to know the client himself, his business approach, philosophy, the range of activities performed, marketing communication, values, and last but not least, the requirements for aligning workplaces. An analysis of the spaces in which it operated in the past is also ideal. From this point of view, the financial company Proxenta is intricated by the fact that it has various working micro-teams that have diametrically different requirements - from the accounting department to securities sellers, from real estate developers to the company's management. Each of these areas of work has a diverse dynamics, distinct needs in terms of security, communication, ways of archiving or interconnections. Moreover, the space being solved is split between third and thirteenth floors. In addition to meeting all the requirements of individual departments and their location so that they work efficiently with each other, our mission was to fulfil one extra requirement - establishing a new interior that would improve the communication and relations of individual departments and employees - in this case people with distinctive characters

As architects, we do not have much influence on setting up corporate culture as such, nevertheless, we have a lot of innovative means to bolster it or at least shape it. And we used the widest possible range of them. In this case, we opted for offices that are the crossing point between individual and large - allowing you to share spaces with individual teams without interfering with each other - the office has 2 to 5 employees.

The main soul of productive activities is the third floor. In addition to the cited offices, this involves circular communication as a place for informal meetings. It also contains tranquil spots with elegant seating and tables for quick meetings or floating job positions. From the point of view of social contact, the central motif is a multifunctional room with a canteen and a bar, where breakfasts, meetings, presentations, company meetings take place in the full scope of formality. The space is directly connected to the terrace for outdoor activities and an acoustically isolated small meeting room for more intimate meetings.

Other offices on a smaller scale are situated on the second floor and a substantial part of the company's life is on the top thirteenth floor. There, we have placed the company's management and major meetings. The arrangement of the management at the top was preceded by a long debate, the original intention was to place it at one height level together with the employees, but the spatial possibilities and the view of representativeness were finally decisive. The glass meeting rooms offer a breath-taking view of Bratislava towards the old town, thus making a unique atmosphere.

As for the material and design solution, it mainly underlines the main concept and reflects the values ​​of the brand. We have planned a relatively strong choreography of movement through the space, which begins with the entrance to the ground floor, either from the street or, in Slovakia, with still an exceptional car stacker. The entrance area is elegant with the use of luxurious surfaces and materials, a little cool, with a subtle reference to the futuristic interiors of spaceships. All this is softened by the distinctive greenery of the pots made to order. The ceiling is made of panels with perforations in the shape of the Proxenty logo with strong backlight.

After a cool - elegant introduction on the ground floor, we continued to the third floor, which should be mainly cosy and pleasant for long - term work. We accomplished this by exploiting natural materials - wood panelling and a soft green carpet. These elements are harmonised by elegant glass partitions (which have sliding doors so that they can be opened or closed as needed, without taking up space) and shiny white furniture components. Nonetheless, the thirteenth floor has a puissant identity - in addition to many astonishing panoramic views, we have built on modern, pure unobtrusive luxury in the form of shiny white surfaces, a soft blue carpet and, all balanced with walnut and beech veneer. Choosing standard furniture in all areas was the consequence of the quest for function and elegance, considering the requirements of particular teams. We are more than happy that the Proxenta headquarters is already serving its purpose.

This project was indeed a cordial matter for us. Proxenta is one of our key clients and we are glad that we were able to accomplish the project from start to finish. In addition to preparing the concept and study, we also processed the implementation documentation, and we swam through the project with the role of project manager until the end. In addition to Proxenta's management and employees, we would like to thank our leading partners for their brilliant work and approach- the company Idona s.r.o., which supplied custom-made furniture, and the company JC Design, which was a contractor for standard furniture and acoustic solutions. We hope that the space will persist to serve its purpose even in these challenging times and hence will provide a motivating, friendly and appealing working environment to Proxenta employees, partners and clients.

Photo: © Matej Hakár, 2020